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    Moogoo - Moothpaste with Fluoride

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      Best Before 11/2021 - On Sale 
    • Natural base with added Fluoride 
    • Fluoride fills in surface scratches 
    • Free from SLS, Saccharin, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide and more
    • Xylitol helps prevent bacteria and plaque from sticking to teeth
    • We added Sodium Bicarbonate for teeth whitening 
    • Stevia Leaf Extract makes it taste nice – especially for kids!

    Many people felt that a toothpaste without Fluoride was being irresponsible as Fluoride is needed to assist remineralisation. And in reality, we're not anti-fluoride we just don't agree with many other ingredients found in commercial toothpaste. So we developed a natural base without ingredients like Propylene Glycol, Saccharin, Caustic Soda, Titanium Dioxide, SLS and lots more and then we added Fluoride. 

    MooGoo Moothpaste provides the oral health benefits of Fluoride without the unhealthy, synthetic fillers, binding agents and flavours that belong back in the times when we were told smoking was good for us. 

    Fluoride is added to most toothpaste as it assists in the remineralisation of teeth. Basically, when scratches and cracks appear in your teeth, Fluoride helps fill these cracks in before bacteria can cause tooth decay. Think of it like filling in a crack in your drywall.