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    Min Min Copenhagen - Balancing Stones

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    Our Balancing Stones are a renewed take on the classic wooden building block, inspired by the ancient Japanese game Tumi-Ishi. These stones have multiple sides that build cognitive ability as they have stacking ability. Balancing stones assist in developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, observation, logic, and inspire creativity. They are the perfect Montessori toy for children’s playrooms, nurseries, and as home decor.


    • Each set contains 9 wooden stones. 
    • Made from hornbeam wood, water based paint, natural oils
    • Packaged in a cotton bag, weight approx. 800 g.
    • Certified to EN- 71 CE standards


    MinMin Copenhagen’s toys follow the open-ended play philosophy, inviting kids to play without rules for authentic self-expression. Through these experiences, children often learn best and develop their individual identities in the process. We believe that the curiosity and imagination we cultivate during our childhood years can always remain in our hearts, years after the toys have been put away.