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    Maternity Balance & Birth package Organic Oils - Absolute Essential

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    Share your delight at the news with a gift of nature to accompany you on this amazing journey.

    Absolute Essential has selected 3 pure essential oil blends, carefully formulated to assist maternal balance and natural delivery.

    Included in Package:

    Morning Balance (organic)10ml: 

    Feelings of sickness and nausea in the mornings, and sometimes throughout the day, are classic reactions to first trimester pregnancy changes.

    Birth Time Calm (organic) 10ml: 

    The inevitable anxieties around birth are best managed with sensible preparation and an open mind.

    Labour Support (organic) 10ml: 

    When labour becomes very intense Absolute Essential can help keep the event as natural as possible with this very careful blend designed for absorption in the lower back area. A compress with 5 drops of Labour Support can be applied to assist the necessary loosening and relaxation of muscles that may otherwise be tightening and absorbing painful resistance and stress.


    Can be used to support a natural experience for nature s most precious cargo. Absolutely pure and baby-safe. Each Pure Blend is also available separately.

    No returns on Absolute Essential range, sorry.