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    Breathable Cellular Blankets XL - Mama Designs

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    Mama Designs Cellular blankets are a must have product for a new baby. Our soft cotton cellular blankets in grey with contrasting trims or in beautiful bright colours with contrasting cotton trims are large enough to be used for swaddling, out and about, in the nursery or around the home.

    This from the designer:

    'My cellular blanket is soft woven cotton. Its clever cell construction acts to trap air, keeping your baby warm in winter but cool in summer and prevents overheating'


      • The open cellular construction allows airflow
      • Safe and breathable compared to normal blankets
      • Keeps baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer
      • Contrasting colour cotton trim at top and bottom
      • 100% soft cotton
      • UK Design Registration 5003782/ 5003783

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