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    LooLoo - Wee pals Toilet Training Stickers 4 Pack

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    Have you faced the moment of are busting to use the loo but have to tip toe through boy wee and wipe the seat before use. Your son learning to aim in the toilet is about to get a whole lot cleaner in your house or daycare. 

    Weepals toilet aiming stickers give your son a target for wees. As a stream of wee hits the sticker a fire hose and the rest of the firetruck appears. This sticker is non-permanent, vinyl that lasts for 1 month 2cm above the water line in your toilet.  

    They can be stuck on the bottom of the potty for your little girl. They are great to use when the novelty of going to the toilet has worn off. Or with kids those who need help fully emptying their bladder instead of weeing on the toilet and then a short time later wetting their pants.

    As well as at home these stickers are also ideal for:

    Early childhood centres
    Holiday programmes
    Schools .....In fact anywhere where there are toilets....