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    Lights Out - Blackout Blinds

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    The Lights Out Black-Out Blind is perfect for your little one’s bedroom! Super quick to put up and flexible with the 2 blind pack.

    Each blind measures 1m x 1.2m in size For larger windows more blinds can be used, and for smaller windows the blind will sit around the frame. No size adjustment is necessary.

    What makes Lights Out Blinds unique?

    • They take seconds to put up/take down (see demonstration video).
    • Each pack contains two blinds, offering positioning flexibility.
    • They can be attached to open windows, allowing in the breeze on hot summer nights.
    • They can work on recessed windows.
    • Unique design means no fiddly size adjustments are necessary (read more).
    • They are not window specific, so can be moved from room to room.
    • Simple attachment with one sucker applied to the centre of the window. No need to reach to the top.
    • They are a cheaper, multipurpose alternative to purchasing blackout curtains.

    Lights Out blinds can be used in a range of situations

    Ideal for the nursery and the kids’ room
    They encourage children to sleep longer in the morning, especially in the summer months when the sun rises early and sets late
    They help babies and children nap during the day

    Portable blackout blinds for travel 

    Great to take on holiday, they are lightweight and come in a handy carry bag
    They help maintain children’s sleep routines when away from home
    For visits to granny and relatives
    For beating jet-lag – they are very handy for those who have traveled through several time zones

    Blackout Blinds for holiday/temporary accommodation and schools 

    Use in holiday cottages, hotels and B&Bs
    Use to darken classrooms for better visibility of interactive whiteboards and projectors
    Use to provide temporary window coverings if just moved house or renovating
    Use in rented accommodation where curtains are not dark enough and no fixtures/fittings allowed
    Use to help create a peaceful mood/sensory room in hospitals or hospices

    Blackout Blinds for darkening rooms

    For shift workers or anyone else needing to sleep during daylight hours
    For students or anyone who likes to sleep longer in the morning
    Use to partially shade conservatories or other areas
    Use to darken media rooms so the projector/television can be seen properly.


    Storing and cleaning:

    Lights out come in a small neat bag making them are easy to store or pop in your suitcase. Simply wipe with a damp sponge if they need cleaning.

    To put them up:

    Unfold the blind and press the sucker firmly to the window. Tighten by using the toggle and pulling the cord. For open windows or deeper recesses, easy-to-use extension rods are provided.

    To take them down:

    Unstick the sucker, squeeze the sides together as if folding in half. The blind will then collapse.