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    I have a confession to make!

    Since getting these in I cannot stop the snacking - these are super delicious and Samuel loves them too!  They taste like your having a 'naughty treat' but nope its all plain goodness. Yum!

    Our Kids Bliss Bite range are perfect for busy and health conscious mums looking for nutritious alternatives to the current lunchbox snack offerings filled with sugars, numbers and nasties.

    Say goodbye to Mum-guilt and say hello to nourishing snacks that solve the daily lunchbox dilemma of healthy snacks your kids will actually eat and love. These snacks have been taste tested and approved by the fussiest of customers and are:

    • Nut and Dairy Free * some date pip or nut fragments may remain due to natural ingredients used.
    • Contain absolutely NO added sugars, syrups, honey or fruit juices
    • Feature 100% natural ingredients
    • Gluten Free
    • Have no nasties: Nothing artificial; no emulsifiers, preservatives, colours, flavours, GMO’s.


    We've done all the work for you, so no preparation, cooking or adding ingredients is required.
    For the tribe – they will love the taste we promise!
    Nude Food Friendly - Unwrapped and ready for lunch boxes
    Suitable for kids 1+ (who are enjoying solids)
    No mess
    Handbag proof; convenient, re-sealable pouches

    Honest Ingredients

    Cheeky Coconut: Dates, Organic Fair Trade Coconut, rolled oats and Linseed

    Courageous Chocolate: Dates, Organic Fair Trade Coconut, Raw cacao (7%), Pepitas

    Brave Berry: Dates, Organic Fair Trade Coconut, rolled oats and cranberries

    Whats not in me?

    Sugars, sugary syrups, emulsifiers, preservatives, colouring, flavours, fruit juices, concentrates, non-foody sounding crap! 


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