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    Humidifier Liquids Energy Aroma Blend - Crane

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    The cheerful and uplifting aromas of Orange Oil will enhance your mind and are known to boost your mood.


    Sweet Orange Essential Oil

    New from Crane, humidifier scent liquids - A unique aromatherapy blend for Crane Humidifiers and diffusers.

    The only scent to use with your Crane Humidifier.

    How is this different to aromatherapy oil?

    Crane have developed this unique aromatherapy scent liquid.

    Crane Humidifier Scent Liquid is a unique water soluble blend of essential oil and alcohol, safe to use with your ultrasonic Humidifier.

    Energy Scent Contains:  Sweet orange, Ginger & Lemon

    Size:  235 ml

    Recommended Usage:

    Crane recommends the use of Humidifier Liquids from approx 3 years old and upwards. Cool Mist alone is best for babies and young children.

    Ultrasonic Humidifiers / Vaporisers - x 2 cap full per 3.8 Litres

    Warm Mist Humidifiers / Vaporisers - x 4 cap full per 3.8 Litres

    Aroma Diffusers - Use as desired

    Mini Travel Humidifier - add a couple drops to the water