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    Haakaa - Kids Oral Care Set

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    Suva Grey
    Start teaching your little one important dental hygiene habits with Haakaa's Infant Oral Care Kit! This set includes three different brushes for your baby's teeth as they grow, as well as a cotton flannel and a handy storage case to keep everything in.

    This set includes:

    Silicone Finger Brush - Stage 1
    Our Finger Brush gets your child used to the sensation of brushing their teeth and gums so that it becomes a fun and essential part of everyday life. The two different surfaces allow multiple options for cleaning delicate new teeth and tender gums - soft bristles and firmer silicone nubs.

    Silicone Teether Brush - Stage 2
    The uniquely shaped Teether Brush is curved to comfortably fit your baby's gum line as they chew down between the bristles. The easy-to-hold non-slip handle is perfect for little hands while the soft silicone bristles clean your baby's teeth from all angles!

    360° Silicone Toothbrush - Stage 3
    The soft silicone bristles of this special brush provide a 360° clean, removing more plaque and providing a better overall cleaning experience than conventional children's toothbrushes! It also has a suction base to make it easier to store without it tipping over.

    Cotton Flannel
    Our 100% Cotton Flannel is gentle on your baby's delicate skin and super absorbent to make washing up your little one easier!

    Storage Case
    This non-toxic PP storage case protects against dust and dirt to keep your items clean and hygienic. The ventilation holes at the bottom help to prevent dampness and the growth of mould.


    Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

    Clean brushes after each use. Although dishwasher safe, we recommend handwashing these products in warm, soapy water and rinsing and drying thoroughly. To sterilise, use a steam steriliser or boil in water for 2-3 minutes. Do not use bleach-based agents to clean these products. We recommend replacing your child's toothbrush every 3-4 months.

    Machine wash the cotton flannel in cold water. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach or iron.

    To clean the storage case, hand wash with warm water and rinse and dry thoroughly. 


    Check product condition regularly. Replace if these products show any signs of damage. Avoid storing near sharp obects. Only soft bristle brushes or soft sponges should be used to clean these products as hard scourers may scratch the surface. These products are not toys. Do not use these products for anything other than their intended purposes. Adult supervision is required.