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    Growbright - Airnest Pod & Carry Bag

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    The safer, cleaner multi-use pod, built on a nest of air.

    Using similar breathable, washable materials as the airnest mattress, the airnest pod is a portable, multi-use nest for baby to play, cuddle, or rest away from their cot.

    The removable and adjustable shade hood and canvas base make the airnest pod perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and the convenient carry-handles and pod bag make the airnest pod easy to take with you when you go away.

    Multi-Use - made from the revolutionary airnest-lite fabric for comfort, as well as a resilient canvas base; the airnest pod is designed to be comfortable, functional, and portable. It is a great rest station for younger babies, ideal for assisted tummy time as baby gets a bit older, and even makes for a great cuddle station for toddlers to have their 'quiet time' in too!

    Washable – As with the other airnest products, the airnest pod is designed so the cushioned bumper and pod mattress base can be removed and washed, meaning no hassles in the event of a spill.

    Ultra Breathable - our breathable airnest technology reduces the risk of airway obstruction if your baby rolls over.

    Optimal Comfort - airnest’s layers have been designed to strike the perfect balance of firmness and softness to create the optimal sleep surface for baby.

    Hypoallergenic and Free From Nasties – The airnest pod is made from a breathable mesh, with no chemical-based foams or adhesives meaning no allergens, off-gassing or other nasties. The cover is Oeko-Tex class one, classified safe for babies.

    Portable – carry handles and the optional airnest pod bag make the lightweight airnest pod easy to move and perfect to take with you when your away from home.

    Dimensions: 850x500x500mm (including hood)
    The airnest pod must be put on a flat, firm and safe surface before placing an infant or toddler inside.
    It must be used in a child safe environment and under adult supervision at all times. Not suitable for overnight use, or unsupervised sleep.