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    Goodhealth - Rapid Calm

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    Good Health Rapid Calm is a unique stress complex with scientifically researched L-Theanine. This amino acid crosses the blood brain barrier to support a calm, relaxed mood. Rapid Calm helps during times of heightened stress, showing noticeable results in 15 minutes.

    This stress complex also contains Vitamin D for year round mood support and magnesium for nervous tension.

    • Relaxation.
    • A calm mind.
    • Feeling of stress and panic.

    Good Health Rapid Calm dissolves easily in water for a delicious tasting, natural lemon flavoured drink.

    Recommended for:

    • Heightened state of stress or panic
    • Ongoing stress and worry
    • Mood health support

    Pack Size

    30 Effervescent Tablets


    Ingredients: (per effervescent tablet)  
    L-Theanine 400mg
    Magnesium Citrate 100mg
    (Vitamin D3 - 1000 IU)
    Contains natural sweetener, natural flavour and tabletting aids.

    Formulated without:

    Gluten, Egg, Crustacea, Fish, Dairy, Soy, Yeast, Wheat

    Artificial colours, flavours and preservatives

    Key Ingredients: 



    Adults: Dissolve 1 effervescent tablet daily in 200 ml of water
    Acute adult dose: Dissolve 1-2 effervescent tablets daily or as professionally advised

    Children from 12 years: Dissolve ½ a tablet daily
    Acute dose for children from 12 years: Dissolve 1 tablet daily or as professionally advised

    *Suitable for vegetarians


    • Not recommended in pregnancy and breast feeding
    • Please consult a Health Professional if taking medication for anxiety issues