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    Embe - Starter 2-Way Swaddle Original

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    Turquoise Embe
    Angle Stripe
    Clustered Flowers
    Blush Blossom

    For the newborn, the Embé 2-way Swaddle features a patented Legs In / Legs Out design that allows baby to be cooled down, warmed up, or cleaned up (diaper changed) without unswaddling. The “no break-out” zipper design promotes longer, healthier sleep by recreating a womb-like comfort.

    • Patented Legs In/Legs Out Design
    • Cool Down, Warm up or Change Diapers Without Un-Swaddling 
    • No-Breakout Design Means Baby Stays Tucked In, Falls Asleep Faster
    • No-rise neckline implemented for SIDS Safety
    • Hip Healthy Designation From International Hip Dysplasia Institute
    • No loose cloth to cover nose and mouth
    • No unravelling, made of 100% all-natural cotton
    • Sizing:  22" L x 9.5" W (shoulders to end of pouch) 
    • Adjustable snaps allow for 3 different lengths as baby grows:
    • Legs IN:  17", 19", 22" (shoulders to end of pouch)
    • Legs OUT:  12", 13.5", 15" (shoulders to crotch)
    • Material:  100% Cotton Jersey Knit
    • Fabric Weight:  5.6oz or 190gsm, ~1.0 tog
    • Machine wash, tumble dry

    Material & Care:

    100% Cotton Jersey Knit, machine wash, tumble dry


    New York Baby Show Winner - Best in Show:
    Created by a mom who wanted to be able to swaddle her baby’s arms in the blanket, but have the option to leave the legs out during warmer temperatures, Embé’s 2-Way Swaddle is the first of its kind on the market.

    It lets you safely swaddle baby (it has a No Rise design, meaning it won’t scoot up to cover baby’s mouth or nose) and keep them at a comfortable temp if the weather is hot. “I love the legs-free option, and it’s great for babies who like to kick, it’s great for hip development and protection, and it makes diaper changes possible without unswaddling,” one judge says. Plus, the 2-Way Swaddles are made from beautiful, soft fabrics and come in a variety of patterns and colours.