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    Eating Package Deal ! Doddl 2pc + BiBaDo Coverall Bib & EasyMat Mini

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    Sleepytots combination of three of our most innovative eating accessories, BibaDo high chair cover over Bib, our beloved Doddl children cutlery and EasyMat Mini’s.

    Eating Package Deal ! Doddl 2pc + BibaDo Coverall Bib and EasyMat Mini

    Doddl: 2 piece fork and spoon

    Doddl’s clever design encourages children to open up their fingers and pinch the cutlery, helping them move from the basic palmar grip to the more advanced pincer grip, needed for learning to draw and write.

    Doddl encourages your child to hold the cutlery as they will hold adult cutlery, helping them to make a successful transition when they are ready.

    High quality BPA free materials.




    Highchair Coverall Bib with Sleeves


    EasyMat Mini:



    Totally portable with a lid! Universal fit small place-mat with integrated happy face plate for high chair use. With 4 suction cups, folding sides, lid and carry case. These all-in-one suction plate and mats and are the best for Baby Led Weaning!


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