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    Dinosaur Bundle Set Placemat, Cultery, Plate - Constructive Eating

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    Dinosaurs coming through!

    Wonderful fun eating designs to keep children excited about dinner time. Textured handles make it easy for small hands to hang onto the Dino Fork, Dino Spoon, and Dino Pusher. Patented features on the Dino Plate work with the utensils to make navigating across a field of dinosaurs a breeze.

    Bring the set together with a placemat featuring over 10 different dinosaurs enjoying an afternoon of sunshine, with shaded areas that match the utensils so your child can set a perfect plate before mealtime!

    Dinosaur Bundle Set - Constructive Eating

    In your bundle you will receive a:

    • Green Dino Constructive Plate
    • 3 Piece Dinosaur Cutlery (Pusher, Spoon, Fork).
    • Dinosaur Place Mat.

    Created by Parents for Families

    Three picky eaters, two sleep deprived parents, and one brilliant idea... Constructive Eating was founded by parents who wanted to make mealtime more enjoyable for the whole family. After learning that their products made a difference in their own family, the founders knew they’d created something exceptional. We’ve been making families smile for over 10 years!

    Building Independence

    Our Dino Utensils and Plate are great for helping children develop fine motor skills and independence. Many occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and special education teachers use our products to make eating easier and more fun for their students.



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