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    Cooling Fish Teether - NUK

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    The NUK Cooling Fish Teether is the perfect first stage teether to use on young babies whose teeth are just starting to develop. They can be placed in the fridge to provide a cold, soothing effect on your baby's sore gums. The unique shape makes it easy to hold and the soft silicone gently massages the gums and mouth.

    • Nuk Water Filled Cooling Teether - Fish - Choose Pink or Blue
    • Simply place the teether to "cool" in the fridge
    • Round Shape
    • Light weight design
    • Massaging
    • Developed to adapt to the anterior region of the dental arch
    • Light weight design
    • Easy to pick up and hold
    • Super soft material provides relief on gentile gums
    • Recommended Age: From 3 Months and above