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    Brolly Sheets - Snazzipants Bio Liners

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    Say goodbye to the hassle of rinsing “mucky” cloth nappies. Just place the liner on top of the nappy.  Wet, unsoiled liners may be disposed of in the garbage.

    100 Liner sheets per pack. Each Liner measures 18 x 30 cm.

    • Super Soft & Non-Irritating
    • Comfortable & Convenient
    • 100% Biodegradable
    • Chemical Free
    • Make Nappy Changing a Breeze
    • Made from Bamboo viscose

    Our liners are highly biodegradable, but they are not entirely flushable. When flushed they will not break up like toilet paper will. This is because if a liner was to break up when wet it wouldn't be useful in nappies. 


    • Liners are not recommended for flushing.
    • Flushing of liners may cause blockages in old or damaged drains
    • No responsibility can be accepted for individual drain systems