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    Love To Dream - Swaddle Up 0.2 Tog Bamboo

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    The multi award-winning SWADDLE UP™ design allows your baby to sleep in a more natural position with their ARMS UP™ giving them access to their hands so they can truly self-soothe.

    The SWADDLE UP™ BAMBOO LITE 0.2 TOG is soft, light ultra-breathable & designed for warm temperatures. This fabric naturally temperature-regulating, to keep your baby comfortable & dry on hot days & nights.

    Need more sleep? SWADDLE UP™!

    • 2 TOG - the perfect choice for warm days &nights
    • Natural ARMS UP™ design to allow self-soothing
    • Self-soothing = more sleep
    • Eliminates loose blankets which can be dangerous
    • 360 degree stretch allows a good range of motion
    • Snug fit makes your baby feel secure, helping to calm their natural startle reflex
    • Patented wings may reduce risk of baby easily rolling over onto their tummy
    • Proudly supporting First Candle &SIDS research

    Premium design that works:

    • Twin zipper for easy nappy changes – no Velcro, no studs
    • Certified ‘hip-healthy’ by the ‘International Hip Dysplasia Institute’
    • Easy care: machine washable & tumble dryer friendly
    • No internal seams mean it’s gentler on baby’s delicate skin

    Product details:

    • Available in three sizes: Small (3.2-6kg) Medium (6-8.5kg) & Large (8.5-11kg)
    • Colours: Ocean & Coral
    • Fabric Content: 95% Viscose (from Bamboo), 5% Elastane




    Love to Swaddle Up Sizing:

    Size and Care

    The approx length of the wraps from chin to bottom is:

    Small - 50cm
    Medium - 57cm
    Large - 64cm

    Please order the correct size for the weight of your baby now. If you order the next size up intending it to last longer, your Love to Swaddle Up will be too big to be effective now.

    This wrap is much stretchier than the original Love to Swaddle Up.

    What makes Love to Swaddle Up different?

    With hands naturally in the wing position babies can bring their hands to their mouth or gently touch their cheeks. This can be useful for two main reasons: it helps the baby self soothe therefore settle better and babies learn about the world through hand to mouth actions even when they sleep. Therefore having access to their mouth assists with development.

    In a Love to Swaddle UP baby is snugly swaddled, helping reduce startle reflex, but still have access to their hands and stay safely wrapped all night long.

    The Love to Swaddle UP baby swaddle is the simple answer to safely wrapping your baby perfectly every time without needing to be really tight.

    Please note:

    Please note also that the lighter fabric may develop small holes after a few months use if your baby constantly sucks or chews on their hands! This is not a fault, it just means your baby has loved their wrap to death!  Imagine if an item of clothing was worn many times a day and all night for months on end, it too would develop some wear and tear.

    Other Love to Swaddle Up options:

    We also sell these other great options:

    • Love to Swaddle Up Organic Bamboo
    • Transitional Swaddle Up (with zip-off wings)
    • More colours in the Love to Swaddle UP.
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