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    Sleep Drops - Babies Sleep Drops

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    • Does your baby or toddler have problems sleeping?
    • Is your baby or toddler restless and distressed?
    • Is your baby or toddler teething?
    • Does your baby have digestive problems causing them to be restless or not sleeping as long as you think/know they should?
    • Does your baby or toddler get overexcited and have problems settling down or going to sleep?
    • Does your baby or toddler wake up squirming or crying/screaming after just going to sleep a short time ago?

    If these problems sound all too familiar then try SleepDrops for Babies. It's specially formulated for newborns and children (toddlers) up to 3 years old.


    How Can SleepDrops for Babies Help?

    As parents it can be difficult to work out what is distressing your child. SleepDrops for Babies is a unique product which has been specially formulated to support and address the reasons your little one may not be sleeping.

    We know you want your child to be calm and happy… and most importantly to sleep well. Happy babies and toddlers are the joy of our lives and good sleep is the very foundation of this.

    We also understand how important this is for busy parents so you can get the rest you need yourself.

    SleepDrops for Babies are a completely natural sleep formula that will support your little ones natural sleep patterns. The drops are non-habit forming, non-toxic and are a gentle way to help soothe a distressed infant and re-establish calm or settle toddlers when they are over excited.

    SleepDrops for Babies have additional support for children between newborns and toddlers with a special blend of herbs and homeopathics to support low grade allergies, digestive and nervous system health and teething problems.

    These are common reasons why children of these first 3 years in life have sleeping problems.

    Simply put a few drops of this natural, liquid formula under your child’s tongue. It has a pleasant, sweet taste and most children absolutely love them!

    How Long Will It Last?

    Each 30ml bottle contains 600 drops. At 1 drop per dose that’s 600 doses in each bottle which will give you many months of blissful sleep. And at only $39.90 per bottle that’s excellent value for money!

    Also sold, children's and adults sleep drops.