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    Aloka - Night Lights Colour changing remote control LED Lighting

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    Aloka Night Lights are the answer to children’s night lights that every parent has been waiting for. These colourful night lights have been designed by parents with fun designs and features for children too!

    What is a night light?

    A night light , as the name suggests, is a light you leave on at night. A night light is deigned to illuminate a room with a soft glow that is not so bright that it prevents sleep.

    What are the benefits of night lights?

    Night lights have many practical uses including:

    Comfort kids who are afraid of the dark.
    Older children can confidently and safely find their own way to the bathroom.
    Helps parents see at night when checking in on their baby.
    Allow your little one to easily locate his teddy bear (or comforter of choice) in the dark.
    Illuminate the changing table for midnight diaper changes.

    What color night light is best?

    Surprisingly, the color of light given off by a night light can also have an effect on how well your baby sleeps through the night.

    Logically, you would think that a calming blue color would help put your baby to sleep. Research actually suggests the opposite. Blue light is a stimulant that actually boosts attention and reaction times. These are not benefits that you want as you are falling sleep. White night lights also fall under the blue light category.

    The best color for night lights is red or orange. Do those colors sound familiar? They should. They are the same colors that feature prominently in the sunset, natures very own way of telling you to get ready for bed.

    These colours promote the release of the hormone Melatonin. Melatonin is the sleepy hormone triggering your brain to register that its time to go to sleep.

    An added bonus is that baby’s find red light soothing as it is a familiar color which can mean a better sleep. Experts believe that this is because the only colored light your baby would have seen in the womb would have been a red color.

    Our fun children’s night light features:

    •Remote Control.
    •Beautiful set of designer LED colours + warm and cool white.
    •Dimmer functionality which controls to 4 levels of brightness.
    •Sleep button that auto lowers brightness to low levels perfect for sleeping.
    •Timer which turns the night light off after a period of time.
    •Rainbow button that gently cycles through all the colours.
    •Side lamp button which activates pure white at brightest level.
    •Safe low voltage low heat LED’s.
    •5Volt USB

    Please note the following upgrades on some designs:

    Some designs have been upgraded and will have the added features; new flexible power options powered by internal AA batteries will enable you to turn off the nightlight, switch colours and adjust the brightness using either the unit or the remote. (great for those who lose the remote!).

    They have a USB cord that is provided however unlike the original design you will need to provide your own USB plug.

    This is standard practice now with electric products as not all have the same prongs internationally.

    We are still phasing out the original and introducing the new variety.

    If you have a preference please comment in the shipping comments and we will do our best to accommodate, however we cannot guarantee this. Thanks for you understanding. The Sleepytot team xox