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    BUY 2 & SAVE Mix and Match Organic Oils - Absolute Essential

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    Choose to pick and mix any of our Absolute Essentials Oils range! All certified organic and vegan, therapeutic-grade plant oil products.

    100% natural solutions for the whole family, nurturing health and wellbeing from tip to toe.

    Absolute Essentials are proudly 100% Kiwi-owned and operated 
and all our products are manufactured onsite. This means we’re able to maintain complete control over the sourcing, crafting, production and packaging processes (from ‘seed to seal’), and give every item off the line the care and attention it deserves. Only the very best for you.

    • We source organic or wild-grown ingredients originating in 56 countries worldwide, and deal direct with our suppliers to support small-hold, eco-friendly businesses, making conscious choices to benefit future generations.
    • The final crafting of the raw materials takes place at our in-house certified organic factory, following stringent production protocols and with the utmost attention to detail.
    • We plant trees for air miles. Practice a 'zero-waste' recycling policy. Employ on-site workers locally where we can. And practice conscious consumption day to day, from choosing eco-lights to low-volume printing on recycled stock.

    Find out more direct information about the Oil you would like by using our links here.

    Twinkle Star

    Baby Nose & Chest

    Immune Plus

    Childcare Immune Plus

    Sinus Clear 

    Head Ease

    Morning Balance

    Tranquility & Meditation

    Dream Time

    Clarity & Confidence


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