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    The Lulla Doll Generation 3 and Baby Shusher Combo

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    I am often asked; should I buy the Baby Shusher or the Lulla Doll for my little one? 

    The Baby Shusher and the Lulla Doll serve quite different purposes but go perfectly hand in hand.

    The Baby Shusher plays loud rhythmic shushing that engages young babies and toddlers, which in turn breaks a crying spell. The shushing triggers their calming reflex and very quickly baby or toddler will fall asleep.

    The key to the Baby Shusher is the volume and the ability to break a baby’s crying spell, it has a 30 minute timer which provides plenty of time to lull your baby to sleep.

    The Lulla Doll works quite differently and especially perfect for babies, toddlers and young children who find it hard to stay asleep or resettle after waking.

    Lulla (Icelandic for Nap) plays 12 hours of continuous, real life breathing and heartbeat, reminding your little one of sleeping with you, providing continuous sleeping, comfort and security all night long.

    Lulla is perfect for preemies, where it is known that heartbeat and breathing can help regulate their breathing. The Lulla Doll is based on 'kangaroo care' - the idea being that closeness to a parent or caregiver provides your baby with the calmness they require to settle and sleep for restorative periods of time.

    Lulla also helps transition babies, toddlers and preschoolers from one sleep cycle to the next. Children wake up and seek the same sleep cue they went to sleep with. Lulla's gentle heartbeat and breathing will give them the confidence to self settle themselves when they hear her reassuring heartbeat and breathing (just like they do when they co sleep on you or with you).


    Our Lulla Doll is the new Generation 3 Lulla Doll that plays 12 hours and comes in 3 colours!

    Find our FAQ here, and learn all about how to introduce Lulla Doll successfully even with older children.  


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