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    Floss Capsule Cover / Breastfeeding Cover

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    Floss Capsule Cover

    I have been searching around for a supplier of these for a while and finally I have found what I have been looking for - look how super stylish these are!

    For the stylish Mum our Floss capsule cover offers your bundle of joy protection from the elements, full coverage while breastfeeding and busy little hands clean from any germs on trolleys (Yesssss!!!....)

    This FLOSS cover fabric is spandex and cotton which is soft and stretchy. This would make a ideal gift for a expectant Mum.

    Breastfeeding cover - offers true 360° coverage for extra comfort while breastfeeding.
    Shopping trolley cover – keeps busy little hands clean from germs & easy to take anywhere.


    Machine wash cold with like colours then air dry.

    We recommended not to wash with other clothes containing  buttons or zippers as this may create tiny holes in the fabric.


    Please remove your FLOSS Baby cover off the capsule before placing it into a vehicle.

    Never leave your infant covered while unattended.

    Keep the cover away from a heat source.

    It is important to monitor your baby to ensure they do not overheat in warmer climates or during hot summer months.

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