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    Children's cutlery - Nanas Manners

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    Nana’s Manners children’s cutlery helps build children’s confidence and promotes independent learning.

    The only knife and fork children will need from 4yrs to 9yrs old! Designed to support children on performing the correct 3 fingered grip.

    Founded by a Primary School Teacher. At Nana’s Manners our products offer children the learning support needed outside the classroom, throughout the key stages of their early years physical development.

    We follow an educational philosophy of simplicity, effectiveness and look at the world through children’s eyes. Our products are smartly designed to create learning advantages for all children, through the magic of independent learning in every day-to-day experiences.
    Kids and parents loves Nana’s Manners. Families, Nurseries and Schools trust Nana’s Manners for simplicity, and a practical approach to parenting products.
    Please note to maintain the soft finish that is Nanas Manners the cutlery should be washed by hand.