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    MooGoo - Anti-bacterial Hand Gel 100ml

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    MooGoo - Anti-bacterial Hand Gel 100ml

    We started looking into making this product after speaking with a lot of nurses and care-givers that have to wash and sanitise their hands often in their line of work. As a result, many of them often had skin problems on their hands and excessive dryness as a result of the alcohol-based cleansers.


  • A natural, alcohol-free, wash-free formula to keep hands clean
  • Kills 99.9999% of bacteria in a time kill study*
  • A moisturising base of Aloe Vera & Natural Vitamin E to hydrate hands
  • Made with a specific blend of essential oils to target various types of bacteria
  • Perfect for those who are required to repeatedly sanitize their hands

    So we wanted to make something natural that did the same job but without all the damage, and even give the hands a little moisture and TLC. After 2 years of formulation, we’re proud of the product we developed to help keep hands soft AND clean.   

    Why can’t you make an anti-bacterial formula that smells better?

    We get this question from time to time as our formula is quite different than regular anti-bacterial products on the market.

    The reason for this is because we don’t use any synthetic or alcohol-based ingredients so we’re unable to target bacteria in the same way. Instead, we use a specific blend of essential oils to target various types of bacteria, which gives it a strong herbal scent that we know isn’t to everyone’s liking.

    But we thought it most important to create a natural product that does the job of killing bacteria and using essential oils does the trick. The scent is a combination of Thyme, Tea Tree, Orange, Lemon and Rosemary essential oils, and some people love it!