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    Can Do Cup - Little Luca

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    Research shows that the next transition from breast and/or bottle is to learn to drink from an open cup at age 1.

    The CanDoCup helps with learning this ability and has the following unique features:
    – The ergonomic patented shape helps the child to hold the cup easily
    – The 3 legs assures an easy grip and stability and let adult help if needed
    – It has a inward curving lip which prevents spilling and assures that not too much liquid is let flow at once
    – The transparant CanDoCup makes it easier to see the amount of liquid consumed

    The Little Luca Unique training cup teaches a child to drink from an open cup after breast or bottle feeding which is better for teeth, speech and facial development.

    Recommended by experts

    Safe materials – BPA and phthalate free

    Advice from the experts:

    • After breastfeeding your child (if possible) bypass the sippy cup.
    • An open cup should fully replace a bottle at around one year of age to help establish a good eating pattern and limit excess milk.
    • More handles are better than one. The goal of the transition is to make the child feel comfortable enough to grasp an adult-sized cup. Since larger cups require the use of two hands, it is better for the child to get into this habit early.