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Goodbye toddler tantrums and mealtime missiles -  doddl children’s cutlery is here to change your family mealtimes! Ordinary children’s cutlery is not easy to use successfully, but our ergonomic toddler cutlery is designed to solve that problem.  Not only that, but doddl will help your child develop important skills, safely and easily. Basically, our cutlery will help make every mealtime… a doddl!

The science behind doddl means our products are designed to help children from 12 months old to develop their pincer grip, dexterity and coordination through self feeding, for babies from 6-12 months, we recommend starting with doddl baby cutlery.


"Fabulous. My toddler is a mucky little monkey that likes to just pick everything up with her hands, I realised that other baby forks are too long to navigate the angle from plate to her mouth. This cutlery is so well designed. My baby/toddler is now using cutlery due to these and meal times are a slightly more refined state of affairs! You can tell a parent was behind the design of these as they are nothing but simple, effective and useful. A great product made very well."

"I love this cutlery! My little one has picked up so quickly and is a little master at work when he's dining!"

"This set has absolutely made such a difference. My three year old struggles to hold cutlery and feed herself. This set has absolutely made such a difference. She didn’t need to be shown how to use them either, she just picked them up and away she went..."