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    Let’s talk about the LULLA Doll …… And with honesty too!

    Let’s talk about the Lulla Doll! …… and with honesty

    Lulla has now arrived and here is a great blog about introducing her/him for the best results.

    Let’s start by saying that no sleep product on the earth is 100% guaranteed! I say that to every mum who asks that question.

    I do however, have personal experience with the LULLA Doll and my 4 year old son and it turned sleeping around for him and us.

    I first saw LULLA at the Sydney Baby Show mid 2015 when I was there helping Michelle from Baby Shusher Australia with their promotion.

    She had purchased LULLA in the crowd funding phase, and it had turned up just before the expo started so she hadn't had a chance to use it with her wee girl Poppy who was 3 at the time.

    When Michelle first showed me Lulla I laughed and said "can't imagine this being a hit Shelly - it sounds like Darth Vader". Michelle called me a few days later after the show and told me that not only was Lulla a big hit with Poppy, it was the first time in months that they did not hear the pitter patter of little feet coming through to their room at 3.00am.

    She thought it was a coincidence but then the same thing happened for the next 3 nights and so on! It was safe to say that Lulla was impressive!

    I then approached the lovely Icelandic Inventors of Lulla to get my very own LULLA. If it was successful, then I wanted it in NZ helping sleep deprived mums and dads. Since that time I have successfully used LULLA with my son.

    He loves her - something I never thought would happen as he is a real 'boys boy'. I honesty thought LULLA would get the boot. But no he loves her and cherishes her. Some days he asks for LULLA to be switched on, other days he is contented just cuddling her. All I know is that his sleep during the night has improved dramatically.

    So I thought I would answer some commonly asked questions:

    LULLA is unisex. The name LULLA means “nap” in Iceland. The only pink on LULLA is the lips and the heart outline which is where you press LULLA to activate the sounds.

    LULLA MUST BE PRESSED FOR 3 SECS TO ACTIVATE! This is a mechanism inside the doll to stop it accidentally turning off when your child rolls on her.

    The LULLA doll was developed by an Icelandic mum Eyrun, who co-slept with her two young boys and could see the need for mums to have a break. Will LULLA only work for co-slept babies? No, white noise has long been used in the battle for sleep across all types of age groups and sleeping arrangements.

    What about SIDS? As per the SIDS guidelines, there is to be nothing in your babies sleeping environment up until the age of 12 months. LULLA has two Velcro tabs tucked away at the back that can be used to attached LULLA safely to the outside of the cot, bassinet etc until your baby is old enough to safely cuddle LULLA.

    LULLA plays at the optimum white noise sound level of 65 dBs so you baby will still be able to engage with Lulla’s sounds.

    Is Lulla suited for my 0-12 month old? Yes, babies have sleep cycles (every 20-50 minutes in most cases) and when they wake during these sleep cycles, they either resettle of their own accord or they seek the same cues that put them to sleep in the first place.

    Quite often this is patting, shushing, rocking, feeding, dummy and the list goes on. We need LULLA to become one of those sleep cues as most mums and dads are not there for every sleep cycle!

    LULLA HAS BEEN MADE OF A SPECIAL MATERIAL SO MUMS CAN ‘WEAR’ LULLA TO TAKE ON MUMMY’S SMELLS, this is especially important for very young babies.

    Battery life – it isn’t the greatest. Just remember this is the only product of its type on the market. It doesn’t wait for your baby to wake and become unsettled before switching back on (like others that are sound activated), LULLA plays for 8 hours straight. We use Energiser or Ever Ready Gold which have about 100 hours of play time. Michelle uses Ever Ready rechargeable and has approx 80 hours of play time. You may get more with good quality disposable batteries and you may get less with average quality batteries.

    The play time can clock up very quickly, especially if you use LULLA for daytime sleeps as well as night time sleep. The dolls have been kept light for safety reasons and the doll takes 2 X AAA batteries.

    The new sound boxes in the July shipment have reset buttons and we have been informed that it has improved the battery life.


    Am I too late to introduce LULLA to my older baby? No! LULLA is able to be safely cuddled by your toddler at night time and if you wear LULLA for a few hours (or even longer) it will become nice and mummy smelly and it will encourage bonding.

    LULLA is all about making your toddler/young child feeling comforted and secure at night without you. The heartbeat can be ‘felt’ when LULLA is cuddled and young children love this. It’s why I believe, that we have so many photos sent to us of toddlers sleeping on top of LULLA.

    Does LULLA sound like DARTH VADER? Yes! The breathing is a real mum of 3 who is also a Yoga Guru. Darth Vader is exactly how I describe the breathing to mums.

    Most toddlers and babies have not seen Star Wars so if introduced correctly, it is highly unlikely that your baby will react negatively to the sounds of LULLA. Introducing LULLA when your little one is tired or plopping LULLA in the cot in the hope of a miracle will most likely NOT work (although there are plenty of mums that tell me that’s exactly what they did and it worked).

    Making a fuss of LULLA, kissing and cuddling LULLA, dressing LULLA up and encouraging your baby to play with LULLA in the daytime is what we recommend as part of introduction.

    For older babies try introducing LULLA as part of your normal settling routine. When you and your baby, toddler or pre-schooler are ready to transition from the way you currently settle your little one to sleep whether that be rocking, patting, feeding or co-sleeping, LULLA will be the positive sleep association that they have been used to.

    We hope that helps you with your new LULLA arrival. You can order the dolls from us or most baby retail stores.

    We are so looking forward to all your feedback.